How to choose an accident lawyer in Israel


How to choose an accident attorney


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?How do I find a personal injury lawyer in Israel

Here are some tips and advice to help select the lawyer for traffic accidents: 

1. Please check whether the lawyer is an expert in tort, personal injury and road accidents, or if instead the attorney is involved many different areas including, commercial law, real estate, neighbor disputes and more. Most lawyers inIsraeldo not focus on the narrow field of personal injury law and deal with a variety of issues. When you ask most attorneys inIsraelwhether they are experts in traffic accidents, they will say, they are a law firm specializing in road accidents, and they blur the fact that the law firm deals with many different issues. One way to check this is to simply call the office anonymously and ask whether you can do the sale of second-hand apartment inIsraelthrough them. These lawyers immediately offered their services for this purpose so you know this is not a law firm that focuses on personal injury.

2. Check whether the law firm you are going to represents only people injured in road accidents, or if it represents insurance companies inIsraelas well. Traffic accident law firms that also represent insurance companies and car accident victims can sometimes get into a situation with a conflict of interest.

3. You must examine the firm's professional seniority, and check that the law firm where the lawyer works has specialized in road accidents for a significant amount of time inIsrael(six months versus ten years).

4. Check each Israeli lawyer who specializes in car accidents, and any Israeli law firm that specializes in road accidents on the Internet. Sometimes you can get references and or slander from a simple Google search. They may of course groundless slander. However, attorney who has only slander and no recommendations requires further research. You should also check the Israeli lawyers' website. A law firm specializing in road accidents without a website inIsraelis like a shop without a display window. You should check whether the website has pictures of the professional staff. Law offices inIsraelthat replace the professional staff regularly (for various reasons including decreased work conditions) does not usually publish the names of the staff and their pictures on the Internet. You do not want work with a law firm that specializes in road accidents inIsrael, staff are replaced on a regular basis. An accident case may take several years, and your attorney inIsraelshould not be replaced during this time.

5. You should obtain recommendations for all the personal injury lawyers who intend to represent you in court inIsrael. The best recommendations are the ones from satisfied clients who were injured in a car accident and recommend the lawyer as an expert in traffic accidents inIsrael. Do not let the recommendations confuse you: for example, it is possible that the attorney has handled satisfied clients on a real estate transaction, and is indeed an expert realty attorney, but this does not mean he is an expert in traffic accidents attorney inIsrael. If you contact satisfied clients, you should make sure to clarify this point.

6. A specialist personal injury lawyer inIsraelshould know the human body, especially the motor system. If the Israeli attorney could not correctly identify the names of the various bones in the body, he or she is probably not an accident attorney. You should ask the lawyer a few questions about the bones in the human body, such questions as: "I badly injured this (pointing to place on leg) bone, are you familiar with this bone?" The correct answer would be the femur. If the lawyer eludes the question, he or she is apparently not a personal injury expert in Israel.

7. Check if you can get advice from the lawyer throughout the legal process; whether the attorney inIsraeloffers tips for dealing with the road accident, or whether he or she is a relatively passive attorney.

Ultimately you have to rely on your own intuition in each situation. If you are feeling that the attorney you have chosen is not a personal injury expert inIsrael, then avoid signing a power of attorney agreement and paying and agreement fees, and continue to search.

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List of lawyers and personal injury legal experts inIsrael:

Below is a list of traffic accident attorneys, road accident legal professionals, accident lawyers, and accident notaries. Accident notary offices and accident law firms inIsrael-lawyers engaged primarily in tort, personal injury, and specializing in car accidents. Before you choose a law firm that specializes in road accidents:

-Lawyer and notary Gil Goldraich - Law Office for Road Accidents, Haifa, Israel. An expert in traffic accidents, including fatal accidents. Tel: 052-2489025 Call the Ministry of accident lawyers in Haifafor more information about attorney Goldraich, Click: Accident lawyer

-Attorney Yafit Shitrit Cohen - Law Office of Haifa Accident Attorneys in Israel, specializing in road accidents, including accidents with a disability in Haifa, fatal accidents, attorney for children's accidents, lawyer for accidents with fatalities, attorney for accidents on a bus. Call 04-8246503 for Law Office in Israelfor Road Accidents. For more information about -Attorney Yafit Shitrit Cohen, Click: Attorney for traffic accidents inHaifa,Israel.

-Attorney Yamit Moriah Israel- Law Office for Accidents, Haifa, a personal injury lawyer for car accidents, attorney for hit and run accidents in Haifa, a lawyer for work accidents, lawyer for accidents with fatalities 1 - 800-229-444 Law Office for Road Accidents in Israel. For more information about Ms. Yamit Moriah Israel, Click: accidents lawyer and attorney for work accidents.  

-Attorney Limor Bohadana - Accidents Law Firm, Haifa, an attorney for accidents  in Israelincluding severe accidents, accidents with fatalities, work accidents Tel: 04-8346004 law firm specializing in Road Accidents. For more information about Limor Bohadana Click: accident lawyer and jurist of traffic accidents, and accidents lawyer.

-Mordechai Rozin Lawyer – Accident Law Office, Haifa, Israel. Attorney specializing in road accidents including car accidents, bus accidents, lawyer train accidents, fatal accidents, an attorney for motorcycle accidents, accidents on an ATV, truck accidents, in Israel. Tel 1-800-229-444 law firms specializing in Road Accidents. For more information about attorney Mordechai Rozin Click: accidents lawyer for traffic accidents.

-Attorney Yael Kafri - Law Firm for Accidents in Israel, a lawyer specializing in road accidents with fatalities and an accidents lawyer for fatal accidents, hit and run accidents, and various kinds in Israel. Advocate for accidents Kiryat Haim and Haifa, Israel. For more information click: Lawyer Haifa for accidents.  

-Lawyer David Mizrahi – Personal Injury Law Firm, Haifa. Haifaaccidents lawyer, including lawyer for fatal accidents, work accidents, and road accidents in Israel. Tel: 04 - 8246503 Law Office for Road Accidents in Israel. Further details on the lawyer David Mizrahi click: accidents lawyer or lawyers accidents

-Attorney Alyssa Sulmonov - law firm for accidents in Haifa, Israel. Car accident lawyer, working with car accidents on the way home from work, attorney for children's accidents, lawyer for elderly person accidents. Tel: 04-8346004 for law firm specializing in Road Accidents. For more information click: accidents lawyer or attorney in Road Accidents

-Lawyer and physician Dr. Gideon Shoshani – Personal injury attorney in Israelfor accidents, serious accidents as well as fatal accidents. Ministry of road accident attorneys in Israel. 04-8346004 For more information click: accident lawyer or a doctor and a lawyer accidents.

-Lawyer and notary Jacob Goldraich - Law Office of Haifa accident attorney, car accident attorney, attorney for Tel Aviv, accidents including accidents causing disabilities in Israel. Tel: 03-5784502 for the law firm in Tel Aviv. More information about attorney Jacob Goldraich click: car accident lawyer. Also click: injury Notary accidents. also click Accident notary or lawyer injuries car accidents.

-Attorney Yamit Israel Moriah - Law Firm for Road Accidents in Israel, lawyer for accidents, including car accidents with fatalities, Haifaaccidents lawyer, car accident lawyer, car accident lawyer. HaifaPhone: 03-5784502. For more information on Attorney Moriah Israelclick: car accident lawyer, jurist for traffic accidents, accident lawyer in Tel Aviv.

-Attorney Sharon Meiri – Personal Injury Law Office in Ramat Gan, an expert in traffic accidents inIsrael. Tel: 03-5755585. Firm specializes in road accidents and tort claims against the Defense Ministry offices inRamat Gan,Israel.

-Attorney Yitzhak Yitzhaki - Law Firm for Accidents inHaifa.Haifaaccidents attorney, an expert in fatal accidents Tel: 04-6555550 Advocates of Road Accidents

-Attorney Limor Levy – Personal in jury law office inHaifa,Israel.Haifaaccident attorney, lawyer for various accidents including road accidents Haifa Tel. 077-5554140. Personal injury law firm for road traffic accidents and injuries inHaifa.

-Attorney Amir Katznelson - Law Office in TelAviv,Israel. Accident Attorney specializing in Tel Aviv accidents and hit and run accidents Tel 03-5662244. Expert advocates for car accidents and bus accidents, mainly lawyers for personal injury claims, including traffic accidents and work accidents. Law Office for traffic accidents in TelAviv,Israel.

-Lawyer Ron Levine - Accidents Law Firm inHaifa,Israel. Specialist attorney in road accidents and hit and run accident lawyer inIsrael, and a lawyer of fatal accidents in Haifa Phone: 04-8555445 Advocates for Road Accidents.

-Attorney Saul Ben Gigi - Law Firm Accident Attorney in Netanya, Tel. 09-8677114 Advocates Netanya and Accident Law Firm accidents in Netanya.

-Attorney Chaim Kimmelman – Accident law office inRamat Gan,Israel. An attorney for accidents, mainly inRamat Ganand personal injury.Arlozorov 19th St.Ramat GanTel 03-6706703.

-Attorney Daphne Ornstein, law firm in Ramat Gan,Israel, specializing in  accidents,Arlozorov 19th Street. Law office for tort and personal injury law inRamat Gan.  Accidents attorney office inRamat Gan, Tel: 03-6706703.

-Attorney Moshe Cohen - Law Offices Accident Attorneys inIsrael, experts in accidents including car accidents, work accidents, children's accidents, and more. Law Office specializing in accidents on the way to work, and other areas of personal injury law.

-Attorney Joseph Maman - Law Office in Tel Aviv for Accidents, Tel Aviv law firm of experts accidents Tel Aviv, notary for accidents in Tel Aviv,Israel. Phone 03-9519941

-Attorney Shlomo Dahan - Law Office for car accidents inHaifa,Israel. Tel: 4-6660357. Law office inHaifafor various accidents.

-Attorney Gil Gilai – Law Accident Attorneys inIsraelfor fatal accidents and accidents with fatalities. Personal injury lawyers for accidents in TelAviv,Israel- Phone 03-9955211. Law Offices specialize in road accidents in TelAviv,Israel03 -9994467.

Law offices engaged representing victims of road accidents and personal injury accidents in the following areas in Israel: personal injury attorneys in Haifa, accident lawyers in Tel Aviv, lawyer accidents in Kiryat Yam, personal injury attorneys in Kiryat Ata, lawyers of traffic accidents in Kiryat Tivon, accident attorneys in Tirat Carmel, accident lawyers in Kiryat Haim, a personal injury attorneys in Afula, lawyer for accidents in Tiberias, a lawyer for accidents in Kiryat Shmona, accident lawyer in Karmiel, accidents lawyer in Safed, attorney for car accidents in Nahariya, attorney for car accidents in in Ashkelon, attorney for car accidents in Krayot, attorney for car accidents in Kiryat Motzkin, attorney for car accidents in Afula, Eilat attorney for car accidents, attorney for car accidents in Ramla , lawyer for victims of car accidents in in Kiryat Gat, attorney for accident victims in Ramat Gan, a lawyer for road accident victims in Be'er Sheva, attorney for road accidents in Hadera, a lawyer for road accident victims in Netanya, a lawyer for victims of traffic accidents in Kfar Saba, a lawyer for road accident victims in Ra'anana, a lawyer road for accident victims in Ashdod, a lawyer for road accident victims in Kiryat Bialik, etc.

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