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Personal injury that is inflicted on a ship is a fascinating field that requires professional expertise on the subject. It is important to note that personal injury occurring on ships or personal injury caused by ships are legally treated differently in practice that other personal injury cases.

In most cases the court handles personal injury suits differently from accidents at sea as opposed to road accidents is the Haifa Maritime Court. The Haifa Maritime Court is essentially the Haifa District Court division that specializes in various lawsuits against ships, including personal injury caused by an accident on a boat or personal injury caused by an accident at sea.

Not all boat injury claims reach the Maritime Court. There are claims that can be addressed in other courts as well. Sometimes, you should take care of the claim in a regular court, rather than maritime court, and it is often recommended to treat other issues in this way as well. There are many considerations when making the decision as to where to file the claim. Before making such a decision, it is important to consult with the law firm that specialized in accidents at sea, or a lawyer and maritime law expert with an expertise in personal injury law in Israel.

One of the main differences between road accidents on land and personal injury accidents in the ocean is that injuries caused by someone on land require a tort lawyer. This attorney works on several levels, but usually will not hurry within the first few days to find out which insurance company insures the person or company that caused the accident. In an ordinary lawsuit, we can start negotiations with the insurance company a few weeks after the accident, and sometimes even after a few months. This is the case when it comes to filing personal injury claims for accidents at sea. In this case it is usually foreign ships that are visiting the ports in Israel for a few days and if that ship leaves the port before the claimant's rights is guaranteed, one may not be able to file a lawsuit efficiently.

It is important to note that even if the ship is insured in an insurance policy that covers third parties, yet the insurance company is in the British Virgin Islands, it is probably not possible to be paid for damages from this insurance company. The insurance company also will most likely not serve the interests of the ship and its owners, for example, if the ship or employee is struck at the Port of Haifa, in Israel. Thus, the ship must be immediately detained if the rights of the sailor or employee are to be implemented. To guarantee the rights of ship accident victims, a bank or similar deposit is needed. The amount of the guarantee should in regards to future damage to the rights of the boat accident victim, and be at future damage to the rights of the injured ship not be deprived. Ordinary insurance companies cannot help ships and vessels in situations like these, and it is important to note that in addition, an Israeli lawyer will not know immediately if there really boat insurance against whom one can file a lawsuit in Israel. In this situation, it will also be very difficult to determine whether the insurance premium is paid by the owners of the ship, and whether the insurance company actually insures maritime bodily injury that occurs at Israel. Therefore, the owners of the vessels do not want their ships to be indefinitely detained. In any case, the ships at port can cause more damage, and these boats are not usually insured independently, but together in organizations of mutual responsibility which resemble various cooperatives. These cooperatives are essentially used as an alternative to standard insurance companies. They are still different from insurance companies, and provide important services to ships that insurance companies are not able to provide, especially when it comes to lawsuits for an accident on a boat in Israel.

Each cooperative has a representative with authority at or near any port around the world, for the purpose of handling exceptional incidents and or unusual accidents that may occur ay any port worldwide (in many cases one representative represents multiple cooperatives.)

When a ship enters the port and causes an injury to an individual or party, the ship must be immediately arrested. Immediately after the arrest of the boat, the ship cooperative representative arrives and gives the plaintiff's attorney the guarantee, which should cover all current and future damage that the plaintiff might receive. Sometimes this guarantee amounts to millions of dollars. Importantly, after the deposit of guarantee, the attorney can release the ship. Then you can begin to conduct the personal injury lawsuit, and the suit usually takes place in the Maritime Court in Haifa, Israel.

It is important to note however, that the detaining of a ship is not a simple procedure. In order to stop the ship, one needs a law firm that has a sea accident lawyer law who is an expert in the legal proceedings required to stop sea vessels. It is very rare that a normal tort law lawyer will know how to stop the ship. It is important to note that time is very short and error process of stopping the ship may cause permanent damage to the legal case. If the ship sails from Israel and does not come back, the victim may not have someone to sue. Sometimes you can sue without the ship present, but it is not always possible to do so, and usually not worth the risk. Our law firm in Israel specializes in personal injury at sea, including personal injury as a result of ships. Our firm is one in Israel that specialized in accidents at sea. Our office have a rest day is a lawyer who is also a captain and an expert in maritime law, and an expert in the process of stopping ships at the port and an expert personal injury. For more information click: a captain and a lawyer

Please note that the Haifa Maritime Court operates by different procedures than normal courts in Israel. You have to use an attorney that is knowledgeable in the norms and legal procedures of the laws relating to the sea in Israel. In addition, even when dealing with a personal injury case where the plaintiff suffered an injury as a result of an accident at sea on a ship, it is necessary to know the procedures and safety practices that apply to all ships. As stated above, our law firm in Israel is a law firm for accidents at sea, and there is a captain in our office who is also an attorney, and has the capability to analyze and establish the guilt of the ship and its owner in able to succeed in court. For more information you can click "lawyer and Captain Rozin."

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