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Accident victim's rights in Israel

The rights of road accident victims in Israel    


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Compensation claims of road accidents in Israel

Corporal damages caused by road accidents are a large legal area in Israel. There are various types of accidents, all under the heading of road accidents. Sometimes even lawyers (not specializing in road accidents) are not aware that a certain incident is actually a road accident. We shall try to include as many types of accidents as possible, some are always considered road accidents, but others sometimes may be road accidents and at other times are considered other types of accidents. It is recommended in each case to consult with a lawyer specializing in road accidents in order to define the incident as such. It is advisable to consult with the road accident specialist as soon as possible after the accident. The longer you wait, the harder it will be even for a road accident specialist or a road accident lawyers’ office to help the injured person realize all his rights 

Rights of road accidents victims in Israel according to the road accident victims compensation law in Israel

The road accident victim compensation law in Israel is considered one of the most advanced laws in the world in the area of corporal damages. The road accident victims compensation law in Israel aims to protect people injured in road accidents. In order to collect compensation for corporal damages caused by road accidents, it is of no importance whose fault the accident is! In Israel, any person injured in a road accident is entitled to compensation from the car’s insurance company, if certain conditions have been fulfilled:

· The driver has valid compulsory insurance.

· The driver has the permission of the car’s owner to drive the car.

· The driver has a valid driving license.

· The driver was injured in the accident (even a small injury, more details later)

· The injured person has received medical treatment in an authorized medical institution on the day of the accident.

 It should be mentioned, that even if the above conditions have not been fulfilled, in case of an innocent passenger injured in a road accident, he will still be entitled to compensation for corporal damages incurred as a result of the road accident. In Israel the compensation for corporal damages caused by the road accident will be received from the Karnit Corporation in Israel , about which we shall expand later. In order to succeed in dealing with Karnit, one should choose the appropriate lawyer. For that, please read the passage: how to choose a lawyer for road accidents.

How to choose a lawyer for road accidents

According to the personal injury law in Israel, the damages component of the compensation is as follows, among others

(Anguish (Pain and suffering

In Israel, any person injured in a road accident is entitled to compensation for anguish, pain and suffering. A lawyer specializing in road accidents can guide the injured person how to collect the documents which will help establish maximal pain and suffering in the future. It is recommended that in case of corporal damages in road accidents, the person take photographs of the areas of injury. Almost all judges work on the assumption that one picture speaks more than 1000 words. A road accidents victim who has listened carefully to the advice of his lawyer (hopefully a roads accident specialist) and has photographed and documented all injuries, including subcutaneous hemorrhages, will receive increased compensation for damages, pain and suffering from a road accident. Of course, if the complaints linger and the injured person continues to complain of his injuries and limitations at his health clinic, legally the pain and suffering will be considered more significant, and he will be entitled to higher compensation. It should be mentioned that in Israel the extent of compensation for anguish, pain and suffering due to road accidents increases in direct ratio to the extent of the injury, duration and frequency of treatment required, and is significantly higher if the person remains handicapped as a result of the road accident.

In Israel, for nearly all road accidents, in addition to pain and suffering it is possible to sue also for:


Wage loss

Earning losses which a road accident victim incurs as a result of work disability due to a roads accident. The plaintiff’s lawyer needs to prove that the person’s absence from work and actual loss of wages are a result of the road accident. For this, the lawyer dealing with the case needs wage slips and disability authorizations the injured person received from his doctor for the relevant period. The road accidents lawyer will not recommend to the victim not to work merely to enhance his claim. This is a dangerous working strategy, which will expanded on later. In most cases it is recommended that the victim go back to work, if he is able to. For more details on wage losses press: earning losses as a result of road accidents.

Medical and travelling expenses

In Israel, up to the end of 2009 road accident victims were entitled to a return of the accident related expenses, based on receipts for payments for medical treatments due to the road accident, as well as travelling expenses to those treatments (you should keep all taxi travel receipts, and maintain an updated car travelling card if you go in your own vehicle). As to travelling expenses, a road accidents victim is still entitled to compensation from the insurance company, but as regards medical expenses, since 2010 there has been in Israel a worsening of conditions in the road accident victims compensation law in Israel, at least in relation to this damages issue. The injured person is not entitled to compensation from the insurance company for medical expenses as a result of a road accident. The health insurance funds who provide services only according to the health basket, are supposed to finance and provide these medical treatments. The health basket is naturally limited, hence the worsening conditions. For more details on the issue of medical expenses and travelling expenses, press here.

Expenses for third party assistance in Israel

A road accidents victim is entitled to reimbursement for third party assistance expenses (home and/or nursing assistance) due to the road accident. (If the victim hires a house maid, he should have her sign a document that she has taken care of the household matters during his convalescence from the road accident).

We have hitherto discussed the calculation of compensation in Israel to light victims of road accidents. In case of more severe injuries, when the victim remains permanently handicapped, the victim is entitled to special significant compensation, also for future damages. The extent of compensation the road accident victim is entitled to depend on various factors such as: percentage of disability, age of the victim, gender, profession, wage level, the insurance company where he is insured, and of course the lawyer representing the road accident victim. More on this subject, later.

Many people are involved in road accidents and are not aware of that! Many people are convinced that road accidents are accidents involving two or more vehicles, resulting in injuries and damage to property. These are also road accidents. But many injuries originating in cars are legally defined as road accidents, although they do not appear to be road accidents to lay people. Any office specializing in road accident litigation can detail to any victim the differences and subtleties of road accidents. For more details on the definitions of road accidents, press here.

Lawyers’ fees

In Israel, many road accident victims do not claim their rights, among others because of the fear of having to pay the lawyer’s fees. For your information, in Israel, the road accident lawyer’s fees are calculated on the basis of success. It is not recommended to pay lawyers on another basis. When the fee is based on a percentage of the claim, the percentages claimed by the lawyer are as follows:

· 8% plus VAT in case of compromise
· 11% plus VAT in case of compromise after the submission of a claim
· 13% plus VAT in all other cases.

Of course one should add various expenses to the above sums, such as: court fees, expenses relating to issuing medical documents and files etc.


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