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Conduct after accident

"What to do after a car accident in Israel" is a question all victims of a car accident ask themselves. If you have been in a car accident, even if not seriously injured, still there is confusion and excitement and it is important not to become distracted, so follow the rules outlined below:


- Take down the other vehicle involved in an accident. If there is more than one vehicle involved in an accident you must enter the details of all vehicles involved in the accident. Of course you also have to record the number of vehicle, type of vehicle, owner information, car insurance agent name and address etc. ...

- You must enter the details of driver vehicle according to the ID. You must enter the following details including full name, exact address, phone number and cell phone, identity card and any other identification. Check phone details given are correct. You only have to call and see the other driver's phone ring.

- You have to register and find out the details of all witnesses (except the driver) were involved in an accident. Later, when the other driver denied the accident or the circumstances, witnesses will be of great importance. Has maintained regular contact with the witnesses (and congratulate them on holidays, for example) and not wait until the trial to contact them.

- If an ambulance arrived at the scene of the accident, you should not refuse to be evacuated by ambulance to the hospital. The ambulance driver must not sign any form or obligation, before and while he recorded the details of the accident as they are. If for example there was a loss of consciousness or delirium, make sure the ambulance driver really wrote it down.

- If no ambulance came to the scene of the accident, one should evacuate themselves from the accident to the emergency room of the nearest hospital. It is advised to get treatment immediately and not put it off for later in the day, not to mention the next day. Any delay in addressing health care legal damages case accident.

- You must obtain a certificate from the emergency room of the hospital or hospital discharge letter, records all complaints about them complained. If not all the complaints are recorded (eg not say he lost consciousness even for a few seconds), it is forbidden to leave the hospital before the doctor will repair what needs to be fixed. If the doctor makes an amendment to the certificate in writing, he must sign next to the amendment to verify it. .

-We must not give anyone the original medical documents. Doctors are required to provide only copies of the medical records. At a later stage it may be necessary to present the original documents to the court. If they are given to a third party, it may be very difficult to obtain them once again.

-It is important to collect any documents and/or receipts indicating accident-related expenses. These include expenses for third-party help, (therapist assistant ... etc) travel expenses, and medical expenses that are not health-related, etc.

- Researchers must not talk to the insurance company about the accident or any other matter before receiving advice from a lawyer expert in traffic accidents.

- You should consult with an attorney in the early stages (first few hours or first days) of the accident.

- Notify your insurance agent and fill out the accident report as appropriate. You should do this only after consultation with a lawyer who is an expert in road accidents.

- The accident should be reported as soon as the traffic police are at the accident. Remember, the fact that the police were at the scene of the accident, does not exempt the traffic police from taking a stand and giving testimony organized and then getting confirmation of the traffic accident.



If you think after a car accident: "What do I do after a car accident," read the above recommendation before taking any steps to consult an attorney who specializes in traffic accidents and road accident claims. Our office is a tort law firm, which specializes in any type of accident.


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Although this is an article about what to do after an accident at work, if you really want to know what to do after the accident, it is very worthwhile to read not only the article "What to do after the accident," but also other articles about the accident as mentioned above. "What to do after an accident at work" and other articles on the site do not replace specific advice from a personal injury lawyer, and only the attorney can say for sure what to do after the accident. If there is a contradiction between what the attorney says and what is said in this article, it is preferable to do what was said by the work accident lawyer over what it says in the article.