Shiran Elbaz Speech Therapist

shiranShiran Elbaz, speech therapist, graduated from the Department of Communication Disorders at the University of Haifa in Israel. Shiran graduated with honors in speech communications.

Speech therapy is the industry that supports all speech injuries, as well as various hearing injuries. It is important to note that an ear, nose and throat never have their own tests. The various hearing tests (including a hearing test, BERA test, test timpanometria, checking tinnitus characteristics, etc.) are conducted by a speech therapist. The speech therapist also analyzes the variance of the results from the different tests. So that in practice, the skills of a speech therapist are very important in for the treatment and attainment of rights for the hearing impaired.

Shiran's practical experience includes not only our office, but also other frameworks, both in the hearing and in language, speech, articulation and communication in Israel. As part of her audiologist (hearing) practice, Shiran performs various hearing tests and takes part in counseling for hearing aid adjustments in Israel.

Shiran contributes significantly to our office, particularly her treatment of people who have hearing impairments as a result of exposure to noise and as a result of head injuries in Israel. The hearing disabilities field is a complicated area, and if there is no professional hand guiding the victims, then the lawsuit's chances of success are decreased. Shiran helps in treatment, training and accompaniment in all instances; our clients in Israel suffer from hearing problems including tinnitus (ringing in the ears), hearing loss due to various diseases, hearing loss due to noise exposure in the workplace, various acoustic injuries, and more. It is important to note that due to recent changes, both in legislation and case law in Israel regarding the vulnerability of hearing, there is sometimes no point and no economic logic in filing a suit for hearing loss. Shiran helps analyze the hearing loss, and helps the office staff decide if there is viability in filing a lawsuit.