Attorney Yamit Moriah Israel

Attorney Yamit Moriah Israel is an expert in personal injury law and specifically lawsuits against the National Insurance Institute. Yamit specializes in lawsuits against Israel and many state institutions, including claims for annuity mobility agreements, general disability allowance, income tax exemptions for the medically disabled, pension allowance, disabilities from the polio act, claims against the Ministry of Defense, claims of victims of terrorist attacks, and more.


Yamit deals with complex claims within various medical committees in the different sectors in Israel. Attorney Moriah Israel is also engaged in various tort cases, including personal injury resulting from car accidents, work accidents, and liability. Yamit has extensive knowledge and experience from handling an enormous amount of personal injury victims from all regions of the country including north, central, and southern Israel, as well as Sharon, the coastal plain, Negev, Arava, and Galilee. 

Yamit has taken many training courses in the field of personal injury as part of the Bar Association.