Capt. Attorney Mordechai Rozin

Captain Rozin is a lawyer who specializes in treating victims who are injured in accidents at sea involving ships, or injuries that occurred on boats in Israel. Among other things, Capt. Rozin specializes in accidents that occur at ports, including work accidents on ships, boat accidents, jet ski accidents, sailboat accidents, tanker accidents, Cruise ships accidents, bulk carrier accidents and more.  



It should be noted that attorney Mordechai Rozin is well versed in handling cases of various injuries, including occupational accidents, and he is also used as an associate for work accidents, road accidents, National Insurance Institute claims, and tort law defense in Israel. 

When people are injured on ships and or boats, or receive injuries from ships and or boats in Israel, you need defense special skills to handle these claims. First, there are custody proceedings in maritime courts in Haifa. Only then can you submit the tort claim. You must have an expert lawyer in tort law as well as especially in personal injury.

Attorney and Captain Mordechai Rozin has the knowledge and ability to locate any vessel at any port, anywhere around the world and stop it. Thus, this allows attorney Rozin to ensure that the victims in maritime accidents receive the full compensation they deserve. It is important to note that attorney Rozin is also an expert in class action lawsuits against insurance companies in Israel and abroad.