Attorney and Notary Gil Goldraich


Gil Goldrach is a personal injury lawyer, and notary attorney specializing in tort and personal injury law in particular in Israel. Attorney Gil Goldraich has specialized in notary, tort and personal injury law for many years. Goldraich is a member of the forum's tort County Bar Association. At the Tort forum of the Bar Association in Israel, lawyers discuss tort and operational decisions including legal issues in tort law, affecting all tort law firms and tort lawyers in every area and throughout Israel. Attorney Goldraich has several degrees from universities in Israel, including in the fields of justice, economics and business administration, and accounting. In addition Goldraich is trained in pre-med; he acquired extensive medical training in various roles in the military medical school as well as in the guidance department of Magen David Adom in Israel. 


Attorney Gil Goldraich is a board member of the "Brotherhood "- a multi-disciplinary organization for the disabled in Israel. Part of his activity in the fellowship is as director of the legal advice forum. The purpose of this forum is to give consultation and guidance on taking advantage of one's rights regarding tort law focused on personal injury, including exercising medical rights, disabilities of various kinds, including work disability, general disability, etc., and committees on mobility, and testimony on vehicle size, benefits for special services, personal injury accidents and diseases different and extraction of rights from the authorities. Attorney Goldraich lectures at many institutions and various forums in Israel, including several universities and colleges, such as the University of Haifa, Haifa Management College, MT J. (Business Development Center) Haifa, Or Yarok, and more. Attorney Gil Goldraich is both in the field of tort and insurance such as accident claims, work accident lawsuits, bus accident claims, railway accidents, accidents with trucks, fatal accidents, hit and run accidents, claims against the National Insurance Institute in the areas of general disability, pension services for the severely disabled, claims for annuity mobility, claims against the Ministry of Defense on the Invalids Benefits and Rehabilitation, compensation for victims of polio, lawsuits for victims of terrorist acts, claims to obtain income tax exemption for the disabled, claims for people injured in public places such as playgrounds, tennis courts, soccer fields, parks, etc., as well as long-term care claims, sports accidents lawsuits, and accidents at sea in Israel.

As stated above, notary and attorney Goldraich volunteers at organizations and various institutions as well as serving as director on the "Brotherhood" - an association for interdisciplinary disabilities. This organization is the largest in northern Israel, with many handicapped members that have severe disabilities largely from accidents, diseases and other causes. Many of the other members of this organization have infantile paralysis (polio), are disabled persons from the Ministry of Defense, veterans with handicaps from combat, disabled veterans from accidents, and disabled people who receive the disability benefit for various reasons. The organization is not an exclusive organization, and its goal is getting all of the handicapped and does not overly scrutinize the handicapped coming to this organization in Israel. This organization puts an emphasis on the rehabilitation of disabled people and encourages them to work in technology, so that eventually they will not require general disability grants and other benefits provided by the National Insurance Institute. In this voluntary framework attorney Goldraich offers free legal advice in the field of torts, and especially in personal injury. Mr. Goldraich specializes in social security claims and is known as one of the leaders among polio claims lawyers in Israel.

As a notary and lawyer, Goldraich is an expert in tort law and deals with insurance claims and damages, but focuses on personal injury. In personal injury we include: the damage caused to the human body as a result of accidents, injuries, illnesses, falls, and disabilities from birth etc. ... Of course, Mr. Goldraich's specialty is leveling economic damages, so that the lawsuit against the insurance companies and claims against state institutions, such as the National Insurance Institute, will be to maximize the compensation for the victim.

Attorney Gil Goldraich accumulated years of experience in treating victims of accidents and illness and specializes in personal injury. Attorney Goldraich is known as one of the best among personal injury attorneys in Israel. He is also a well known notary for injured persons. According to the appropriate strategy, Goldraich builds his case in order to maximize the amount to which the injured party will be entitled at the end of the case. When building strategy for case management one must take into account various parameters including type of injury, age of the victim, gender of the victim, the degree of disability, the identity of the insurance company, the type and location of the court where the case will be submitted, the identity of the judge, if the judge is versed in tort law, if the judge has knowledge of National Insurance Institute claims and more in Israel.

Notary and Attorney Goldraich has infinite patience, especially when it comes to clients, and he gives personal attention to all his clients. He would never refuse to meet with the client, regarding the treatment of the lawsuit, or any other issue. Meetings with clients of course do not involve fees.

Mr. Goldraich takes part in various battles for disabled people; those with specific handicaps and for the general handicapped population. This includes filing court cases for victims of polio. In 2012, there was an amendment to the law in Israel regarding polio and invalids of polio (infantile paralysis), who got the disease abroad. They are able to file a lawsuit for receiving polio from the polio vaccine. Attorney Goldraich was recruited to lead the lawsuits and give consultation and representation for these polio victims.

Attorney and notary Gil Goldraich employs five lawyers in tort and personal injury law in his firm in Israel. A speech therapist also works at the law firm of Gil Goldraich, and helps treat and teach those with hearing disabilities, including hearing damage due to noise exposure, various accident injuries, and multiple diseases. Hearing damage and speech therapy are professions that are uses to analyze and construct profiles for people affected by hearing loss who suffer from disabilities of hearing. Some of the legal actions required are the need to submit a claim for tinnitus, a claim of acoustic injury as a result of an accident or a disease, or hearing damage from exposure to noise, including claims due to exposure to noise at work.

In addition, there is a senior doctor working in Gil Goldraich's firm, who helps to build and support personal injury cases. It is important to note that when it comes to medical malpractice cases in Israel, a physician and senior advocate greatly help with the analysis, establishment, and construction of medical a malpractice case. Even when an attorney Disabled Income tax exemption or tax exemption for disabled lawyer, or an attorney general disability, handles personal injury, the fact that the law firm personal injury lawyer who is also a doctor and a specialist Legal law may help in building cases and more appropriate training of customers. Even with an attorney that is experienced in disability tax exemptions or general disability in Israel, it is noteworthy that this law firm has an experienced doctor with legal experience to assist in building cases and training clients.

Areas of expertise also covered by the attorneys at Gil Goldraich's law office are: other personal injury law including polio law, infantile paralysis law, polio claims, accidents resulting in general disability, work disability law, special services coverage, notary injuries and more.