Attorney Alisa Solomonov

Attorney Alisa Solomonov has worked for many years in claims management, specifically tort lawsuits in Israel. Attorney Solomonov is fluent in Hebrew, Russian, and English. Alisa Solomonov is responsible for our firm's handling of a wide variety of tort cases including car accidents lawsuits, work accident lawsuits, medical malpractice claims, for accidents in the street, injuries on ships, sea accidents, and accidents involving children, personal accident insurance policies, tort claims against the Ministry of Education, and tort claims against municipalities and local councils in Israel. 



In addition, the attorney Alisa Solomonov has extensive experience in handling cases against the NII, including the representation of disabled people in front of medical committees and numerous appearances in courts and tribunals in Israel. Alisa Solomonov is responsible for submissions of petitions toIsrael's High Court from our office, when there is a need to petition theNational Labor Courtdue to wrong decisions. Solomonov deals with various claims for bodily injury, and petitions to the HCJ against judgments, and decisions of the tort law in various Israeli courts. Attorney Alyssa Solomonov accompanies disabled clients in Israel by representing them in various committees of the following:

Polio law claims, work accident claims, general disability claims, mobility claims, special services claims from the National Insurance Institute, nursing lawsuits, disabled children claims, tax refunds and more.

In addition, attorney Alisa Solomonov is also knowledgeable on various tort claims, including claims for falls in the street, falls in a public place, sports accidents, accidents at work, and accidents with respect to each hazard that caused bodily injury.

Attorney Alisa Solomonov possesses a lot of patience and personal attention, which is a very important feature for managing personal injury and tort cases in Israel.