Attorney Yafit Shitrit-Cohen


Attorney Yafit Shitrit-Cohen is a personal injury and tort lawyer, specializing in personal injury in Israel. Attorney Yafit Shitrit-Cohen studied management and economics, and has a law degree. Shitrit has been working at our law firm for 12 years.

Attorney Shitrit- Cohen has been engaged in personal injury law for roughly 12 years handling tort cases, and specializing in personal injury in Israel. Yafit Shitrit-Cohen focuses on traffic accidents, work accidents, street accidents, accidents at amusement parks, sports accidents, accidents on boats, sea accidents, accidents while on holiday, army accidents, police accident, medical negligence, nursing claims, etc.

Jurist and lawyer Yafit Shitrit has extensive knowledge and experience of tort law and personal injury from handling thousands of cases, in many Israeli regions, including the north of Israel, central Israel, southern Israel, Sharon, coastal plain, Negev, Arava, and the Galili.

Attorney Yafit Shitrit-Cohen has extensive experience in litigation (court appearances) and Portfolio Management including representing the disabled people who are confined to a wheelchair, and claims for victims with missing limbs in Israel. Shitrit-Cohen has received a variety of recommendations from satisfied clients for handling their personal injury cases.

Shitrit-Cohen is a lawyer personal injury but it also represents personal injury victims against various institutions including claims against the Ministry of Defense, claims against the National Insurance Institute, claims against pension funds and more. Attorney Yafit Cohen-Shitrit has also represented clients in disabled mobility cases against the National Insurance Institute and the Ministry of Health in Israel, general handicapped disability claims, nursing suits, disabled tax exemption claims, claims for polio benefits and more ….

It should be noted that attorney Yafit Shitrit-Cohen has had many training courses in the field of personal injury, among others in the Israel Bar Association and other frameworks.