Malka Baruch - Office Manager


Malka Baruch is the office director for the Goldraich law firm and notary in Israel. Malka has worked at Goldrach almost since its inception, and has managed the office for about 10 years. Her education is in electronic engineering, which helps the staff deal with various technical difficulties. In her role at the Goldraich law firm and notary, Malka deals with computer concerns and all documents for lawsuits are scanned into the computerized system. Each document has two backups – the scanned copy and the physical document. Malka is responsible for the Goldraich website, including the allocation of individual codes for clients who wish to receive advice and tips on personal injury, which cannot be read by the public.

Malka began her job at the Goldraich law firm and notary as a clerk and later began to work on claims against insurance companies in Israel. Ms. Baruch also works in the field of tort cases, and manages the lawsuits against Israeli insurance companies. Ms. Baruch began with small cases, and has moved on to larger files. Ms. Baruch has taken many courses in law, particularly tort law. Most of the seminars and courses Malka Baruch passed were with the Bar Association in Israel. Malka also attended a notary course provided by the Israeli Bar Association.

As part of her job as a law firm and notary office manager, Malka is responsible for navigating files between attorneys at the Goldraich law firm and notary. Malka is responsible for keeping in contact with the various courts, including various lawsuits that have been filed in personal injury in Israel. Our firm serves personal injury claims including claims for damages in the Magistrate Court in Kiryat Shmona, tort and damages claims  in Haifa Magistrate's Court, tort claims in Krayot's Magistrate Court, claims for damages in Nazareth's Magistrate Court, tort claims in the Nazareth District Court, tort claims in Tel Aviv's Magistrate Court, claims against the National Insurance Labor Court in Haifa, claims against the National Insurance Labor Court in Nazareth, claims against the National Insurance Labor Court in Tel Aviv, claims against the National Insurance Institute in the District Labor Court in Be'er Sheva, and claims against the National Insurance National Labor Court in Jerusalem.

In her position, Malka Baruch is in constant contact with all the courts and tribunals in Israel that Goldraich attorneys deal with on a regular basis. Malka updates the status of files, messages from courts, motions in tort cases, and more.

Malka Baruch's role is as head of the customer service team. Malka speaks with clients regarding the personal injury cases that we handle at Goldraich. Ms. Baruch cares about the clients, and helps them to produce documents regarding different aspects that will help advance the case. Malka also informs and reminds you before each legal event where the client should be present, including appearing before medical boards, court medical tests to provide a medical opinion on disability, court hearings, and others.