Attorney Dr. Gideon Shoshani


Dr. Gideon Shoshani is the personal injury lawyer, who until recently served as director of the Department of Surgery, Children's Hospital (Rambam Hospital) in Israel. Attorney Dr. Shoshani has been a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine at the Technion since 1996. Dr. Gideon Shoshani has been a senior specialist in pediatric surgery since 1986. It is important to note that Dr. Gideon Shoshani has also been a specialist in general surgery since 1982. Personal injury attorney Dr. Gideon Shoshani has worked at Rambam Medical Center since 1978. Dr. Shoshani is a graduate of the expert witness course in Israel in 1999. In addition, Dr. Shoshani is currently a senior legal medical consultant in Israel.

It should be noted that Dr. Gideon Shoshani helps not only in cases of medical negligence but also in tort lawsuits, including the nursing claims, general disability claims, income tax exemption suits, pension benefits lawsuits, mobility claims, polio insurance claims, various accident claims, and claims for various diseases in Israel. 

Dr. Shoshani works as senior legal counsel in our office with regard to medical malpractice claims. The medical malpractice field in Israel is very wide, and it is a huge benefit to have a senior doctor who is also a personal injury lawyer in case management and medical malpractice. Attorney Dr. Shoshani has handled medical malpractice claims from the start.  He is very knowledgeable in all the processes that occur in hospitals, in terms of patient care, and is aware of cases where malpractice occurs. Dr. Shoshani knows to take the patient's medical file, and analyze it to find faults with treatment. Dr. Shoshani knows the base of every medical malpractice case in Israel. 

It is important to note that Dr. Shoshani is a lawyer and a senior doctor wanted in terms of writing medical opinions for children's surgery. Many clients come to him and ask for opinions within his expertise, both due to the fact that a senior doctor and a personal injury lawyer. When you reach the point in the case where the witness is examined on the stand, Dr. Shoshani has a huge advantage, given that the legal arena is not foreign to him. It is important to note for full disclosure that when it comes to writing medical opinions, Dr. Shoshani independent and it is not from our office that he gives legal services, but as a lawyer and an independent doctor. (For rurther expansion on medical malpractice Press: Rights of Victims of Medical Malpractice

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