Attorney and Notary Gil Goldraich


Gil Goldrach is a personal injury lawyer, and notary attorney specializing in tort and personal injury law in particular in Israel. Attorney Gil Goldraich has specialized in notary, tort and personal injury law for many years. Goldraich is a member of the forum's tort County Bar Association. At the Tort forum of the Bar Association in Israel, lawyers discuss tort and operational decisions including legal issues in tort law, affecting all tort law firms and tort lawyers in every area and throughout Israel. Attorney Goldraich has several degrees from universities in Israel, including in the fields of justice, economics and business administration, and accounting. In addition Goldraich is trained in pre-med; he acquired extensive medical training in various roles in the military medical school as well as in the guidance department of Magen David Adom in Israel. 


Attorney Gil Goldraich is a board member of the "Brotherhood "- a multi-disciplinary organization for the disabled in Israel. Part of his activity in the fellowship is as director of the legal advice forum. The purpose of this forum is to give consultation and guidance on taking advantage of one's rights regarding tort law focused on personal injury, including exercising medical rights, disabilities of various kinds, including work disability, general disability, etc., and committees on mobility, and testimony on vehicle size, benefits for special services, personal injury accidents and diseases different and extraction of rights from the authorities. Attorney Goldraich lectures at many institutions and various forums in Israel, including several universities and colleges, such as the University of Haifa, Haifa Management College, MT J. (Business Development Center) Haifa, Or Yarok, and more. Attorney Gil Goldraich is both in the field of tort and insurance such as accident claims, work accident lawsuits, bus accident claims, railway accidents, accidents with trucks, fatal accidents, hit and run accidents, claims against the National Insurance Institute in the areas of general disability, pension services for the severely disabled, claims for annuity mobility, claims against the Ministry of Defense on the Invalids Benefits and Rehabilitation, compensation for victims of polio, lawsuits for victims of terrorist acts, claims to obtain income tax exemption for the disabled, claims for people injured in public places such as playgrounds, tennis courts, soccer fields, parks, etc., as well as long-term care claims, sports accidents lawsuits, and accidents at sea in Israel.

As stated above, notary and attorney Goldraich volunteers at organizations and various institutions as well as serving as director on the "Brotherhood" - an association for interdisciplinary disabilities. This organization is the largest in northern Israel, with many handicapped members that have severe disabilities largely from accidents, diseases and other causes. Many of the other members of this organization have infantile paralysis (polio), are disabled persons from the Ministry of Defense, veterans with handicaps from combat, disabled veterans from accidents, and disabled people who receive the disability benefit for various reasons. The organization is not an exclusive organization, and its goal is getting all of the handicapped and does not overly scrutinize the handicapped coming to this organization in Israel. This organization puts an emphasis on the rehabilitation of disabled people and encourages them to work in technology, so that eventually they will not require general disability grants and other benefits provided by the National Insurance Institute. In this voluntary framework attorney Goldraich offers free legal advice in the field of torts, and especially in personal injury. Mr. Goldraich specializes in social security claims and is known as one of the leaders among polio claims lawyers in Israel.

As a notary and lawyer, Goldraich is an expert in tort law and deals with insurance claims and damages, but focuses on personal injury. In personal injury we include: the damage caused to the human body as a result of accidents, injuries, illnesses, falls, and disabilities from birth etc. ... Of course, Mr. Goldraich's specialty is leveling economic damages, so that the lawsuit against the insurance companies and claims against state institutions, such as the National Insurance Institute, will be to maximize the compensation for the victim.

Attorney Gil Goldraich accumulated years of experience in treating victims of accidents and illness and specializes in personal injury. Attorney Goldraich is known as one of the best among personal injury attorneys in Israel. He is also a well known notary for injured persons. According to the appropriate strategy, Goldraich builds his case in order to maximize the amount to which the injured party will be entitled at the end of the case. When building strategy for case management one must take into account various parameters including type of injury, age of the victim, gender of the victim, the degree of disability, the identity of the insurance company, the type and location of the court where the case will be submitted, the identity of the judge, if the judge is versed in tort law, if the judge has knowledge of National Insurance Institute claims and more in Israel.

Notary and Attorney Goldraich has infinite patience, especially when it comes to clients, and he gives personal attention to all his clients. He would never refuse to meet with the client, regarding the treatment of the lawsuit, or any other issue. Meetings with clients of course do not involve fees.

Mr. Goldraich takes part in various battles for disabled people; those with specific handicaps and for the general handicapped population. This includes filing court cases for victims of polio. In 2012, there was an amendment to the law in Israel regarding polio and invalids of polio (infantile paralysis), who got the disease abroad. They are able to file a lawsuit for receiving polio from the polio vaccine. Attorney Goldraich was recruited to lead the lawsuits and give consultation and representation for these polio victims.

Attorney and notary Gil Goldraich employs five lawyers in tort and personal injury law in his firm in Israel. A speech therapist also works at the law firm of Gil Goldraich, and helps treat and teach those with hearing disabilities, including hearing damage due to noise exposure, various accident injuries, and multiple diseases. Hearing damage and speech therapy are professions that are uses to analyze and construct profiles for people affected by hearing loss who suffer from disabilities of hearing. Some of the legal actions required are the need to submit a claim for tinnitus, a claim of acoustic injury as a result of an accident or a disease, or hearing damage from exposure to noise, including claims due to exposure to noise at work.

In addition, there is a senior doctor working in Gil Goldraich's firm, who helps to build and support personal injury cases. It is important to note that when it comes to medical malpractice cases in Israel, a physician and senior advocate greatly help with the analysis, establishment, and construction of medical a malpractice case. Even when an attorney Disabled Income tax exemption or tax exemption for disabled lawyer, or an attorney general disability, handles personal injury, the fact that the law firm personal injury lawyer who is also a doctor and a specialist Legal law may help in building cases and more appropriate training of customers. Even with an attorney that is experienced in disability tax exemptions or general disability in Israel, it is noteworthy that this law firm has an experienced doctor with legal experience to assist in building cases and training clients.

Areas of expertise also covered by the attorneys at Gil Goldraich's law office are: other personal injury law including polio law, infantile paralysis law, polio claims, accidents resulting in general disability, work disability law, special services coverage, notary injuries and more.

Attorney Yafit Shitrit-Cohen


Attorney Yafit Shitrit-Cohen is a personal injury and tort lawyer, specializing in personal injury in Israel. Attorney Yafit Shitrit-Cohen studied management and economics, and has a law degree. Shitrit has been working at our law firm for 12 years.

Attorney Shitrit- Cohen has been engaged in personal injury law for roughly 12 years handling tort cases, and specializing in personal injury in Israel. Yafit Shitrit-Cohen focuses on traffic accidents, work accidents, street accidents, accidents at amusement parks, sports accidents, accidents on boats, sea accidents, accidents while on holiday, army accidents, police accident, medical negligence, nursing claims, etc.

Jurist and lawyer Yafit Shitrit has extensive knowledge and experience of tort law and personal injury from handling thousands of cases, in many Israeli regions, including the north of Israel, central Israel, southern Israel, Sharon, coastal plain, Negev, Arava, and the Galili.

Attorney Yafit Shitrit-Cohen has extensive experience in litigation (court appearances) and Portfolio Management including representing the disabled people who are confined to a wheelchair, and claims for victims with missing limbs in Israel. Shitrit-Cohen has received a variety of recommendations from satisfied clients for handling their personal injury cases.

Shitrit-Cohen is a lawyer personal injury but it also represents personal injury victims against various institutions including claims against the Ministry of Defense, claims against the National Insurance Institute, claims against pension funds and more. Attorney Yafit Cohen-Shitrit has also represented clients in disabled mobility cases against the National Insurance Institute and the Ministry of Health in Israel, general handicapped disability claims, nursing suits, disabled tax exemption claims, claims for polio benefits and more ….

It should be noted that attorney Yafit Shitrit-Cohen has had many training courses in the field of personal injury, among others in the Israel Bar Association and other frameworks.

Attorney Alisa Solomonov

Attorney Alisa Solomonov has worked for many years in claims management, specifically tort lawsuits in Israel. Attorney Solomonov is fluent in Hebrew, Russian, and English. Alisa Solomonov is responsible for our firm's handling of a wide variety of tort cases including car accidents lawsuits, work accident lawsuits, medical malpractice claims, for accidents in the street, injuries on ships, sea accidents, and accidents involving children, personal accident insurance policies, tort claims against the Ministry of Education, and tort claims against municipalities and local councils in Israel. 



In addition, the attorney Alisa Solomonov has extensive experience in handling cases against the NII, including the representation of disabled people in front of medical committees and numerous appearances in courts and tribunals in Israel. Alisa Solomonov is responsible for submissions of petitions toIsrael's High Court from our office, when there is a need to petition theNational Labor Courtdue to wrong decisions. Solomonov deals with various claims for bodily injury, and petitions to the HCJ against judgments, and decisions of the tort law in various Israeli courts. Attorney Alyssa Solomonov accompanies disabled clients in Israel by representing them in various committees of the following:

Polio law claims, work accident claims, general disability claims, mobility claims, special services claims from the National Insurance Institute, nursing lawsuits, disabled children claims, tax refunds and more.

In addition, attorney Alisa Solomonov is also knowledgeable on various tort claims, including claims for falls in the street, falls in a public place, sports accidents, accidents at work, and accidents with respect to each hazard that caused bodily injury.

Attorney Alisa Solomonov possesses a lot of patience and personal attention, which is a very important feature for managing personal injury and tort cases in Israel. 

Attorney Yamit Moriah Israel

Attorney Yamit Moriah Israel is an expert in personal injury law and specifically lawsuits against the National Insurance Institute. Yamit specializes in lawsuits against Israel and many state institutions, including claims for annuity mobility agreements, general disability allowance, income tax exemptions for the medically disabled, pension allowance, disabilities from the polio act, claims against the Ministry of Defense, claims of victims of terrorist attacks, and more.


Yamit deals with complex claims within various medical committees in the different sectors in Israel. Attorney Moriah Israel is also engaged in various tort cases, including personal injury resulting from car accidents, work accidents, and liability. Yamit has extensive knowledge and experience from handling an enormous amount of personal injury victims from all regions of the country including north, central, and southern Israel, as well as Sharon, the coastal plain, Negev, Arava, and Galilee. 

Yamit has taken many training courses in the field of personal injury as part of the Bar Association. 

Capt. Attorney Mordechai Rozin

Captain Rozin is a lawyer who specializes in treating victims who are injured in accidents at sea involving ships, or injuries that occurred on boats in Israel. Among other things, Capt. Rozin specializes in accidents that occur at ports, including work accidents on ships, boat accidents, jet ski accidents, sailboat accidents, tanker accidents, Cruise ships accidents, bulk carrier accidents and more.  



It should be noted that attorney Mordechai Rozin is well versed in handling cases of various injuries, including occupational accidents, and he is also used as an associate for work accidents, road accidents, National Insurance Institute claims, and tort law defense in Israel. 

When people are injured on ships and or boats, or receive injuries from ships and or boats in Israel, you need defense special skills to handle these claims. First, there are custody proceedings in maritime courts in Haifa. Only then can you submit the tort claim. You must have an expert lawyer in tort law as well as especially in personal injury.

Attorney and Captain Mordechai Rozin has the knowledge and ability to locate any vessel at any port, anywhere around the world and stop it. Thus, this allows attorney Rozin to ensure that the victims in maritime accidents receive the full compensation they deserve. It is important to note that attorney Rozin is also an expert in class action lawsuits against insurance companies in Israel and abroad.  

Attorney Dr. Gideon Shoshani


Dr. Gideon Shoshani is the personal injury lawyer, who until recently served as director of the Department of Surgery, Children's Hospital (Rambam Hospital) in Israel. Attorney Dr. Shoshani has been a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine at the Technion since 1996. Dr. Gideon Shoshani has been a senior specialist in pediatric surgery since 1986. It is important to note that Dr. Gideon Shoshani has also been a specialist in general surgery since 1982. Personal injury attorney Dr. Gideon Shoshani has worked at Rambam Medical Center since 1978. Dr. Shoshani is a graduate of the expert witness course in Israel in 1999. In addition, Dr. Shoshani is currently a senior legal medical consultant in Israel.

It should be noted that Dr. Gideon Shoshani helps not only in cases of medical negligence but also in tort lawsuits, including the nursing claims, general disability claims, income tax exemption suits, pension benefits lawsuits, mobility claims, polio insurance claims, various accident claims, and claims for various diseases in Israel. 

Dr. Shoshani works as senior legal counsel in our office with regard to medical malpractice claims. The medical malpractice field in Israel is very wide, and it is a huge benefit to have a senior doctor who is also a personal injury lawyer in case management and medical malpractice. Attorney Dr. Shoshani has handled medical malpractice claims from the start.  He is very knowledgeable in all the processes that occur in hospitals, in terms of patient care, and is aware of cases where malpractice occurs. Dr. Shoshani knows to take the patient's medical file, and analyze it to find faults with treatment. Dr. Shoshani knows the base of every medical malpractice case in Israel. 

It is important to note that Dr. Shoshani is a lawyer and a senior doctor wanted in terms of writing medical opinions for children's surgery. Many clients come to him and ask for opinions within his expertise, both due to the fact that a senior doctor and a personal injury lawyer. When you reach the point in the case where the witness is examined on the stand, Dr. Shoshani has a huge advantage, given that the legal arena is not foreign to him. It is important to note for full disclosure that when it comes to writing medical opinions, Dr. Shoshani independent and it is not from our office that he gives legal services, but as a lawyer and an independent doctor. (For rurther expansion on medical malpractice Press: Rights of Victims of Medical Malpractice

For those interested, below is a partial list of academic experience, companies in various articles and publications of attorney and doctor Gideon Shoshani. :

Shiran Elbaz Speech Therapist

shiranShiran Elbaz, speech therapist, graduated from the Department of Communication Disorders at the University of Haifa in Israel. Shiran graduated with honors in speech communications.

Speech therapy is the industry that supports all speech injuries, as well as various hearing injuries. It is important to note that an ear, nose and throat never have their own tests. The various hearing tests (including a hearing test, BERA test, test timpanometria, checking tinnitus characteristics, etc.) are conducted by a speech therapist. The speech therapist also analyzes the variance of the results from the different tests. So that in practice, the skills of a speech therapist are very important in for the treatment and attainment of rights for the hearing impaired.

Shiran's practical experience includes not only our office, but also other frameworks, both in the hearing and in language, speech, articulation and communication in Israel. As part of her audiologist (hearing) practice, Shiran performs various hearing tests and takes part in counseling for hearing aid adjustments in Israel.

Shiran contributes significantly to our office, particularly her treatment of people who have hearing impairments as a result of exposure to noise and as a result of head injuries in Israel. The hearing disabilities field is a complicated area, and if there is no professional hand guiding the victims, then the lawsuit's chances of success are decreased. Shiran helps in treatment, training and accompaniment in all instances; our clients in Israel suffer from hearing problems including tinnitus (ringing in the ears), hearing loss due to various diseases, hearing loss due to noise exposure in the workplace, various acoustic injuries, and more. It is important to note that due to recent changes, both in legislation and case law in Israel regarding the vulnerability of hearing, there is sometimes no point and no economic logic in filing a suit for hearing loss. Shiran helps analyze the hearing loss, and helps the office staff decide if there is viability in filing a lawsuit. 

Attorney Limor Bohadana


Limor Bohadana is an attorney specializing in the field of personal injury, specifically claims against the National Insurance Institute in Israel. In addition to being a lawyer, Bohadana is also a social worker and has extensive experience in this area. Attorney Bohadana specializes in lawsuits against many state institutions, including claims for annuity mobility, general disability claims, claims for medical disability for income tax exemption and others in Israel.  

Limor has been handling complex claims and medical committees in Israel in various sectors for ten years. Limor is also engaged in an assortment of tort cases, including personal injury resulting from car accidents, work accidents, and liability. Limor has extensive knowledge and experience due to the handling of thousands of cases of personal injury victims from all parts of the country including the north, central Israel, southern Israel, Sharon, coastal plain, Negev, Arava, and Galilee.

Limor has taken training courses in the field of personal injury as part of the Bar Association. 

Malka Baruch - Office Manager


Malka Baruch is the office director for the Goldraich law firm and notary in Israel. Malka has worked at Goldrach almost since its inception, and has managed the office for about 10 years. Her education is in electronic engineering, which helps the staff deal with various technical difficulties. In her role at the Goldraich law firm and notary, Malka deals with computer concerns and all documents for lawsuits are scanned into the computerized system. Each document has two backups – the scanned copy and the physical document. Malka is responsible for the Goldraich website, including the allocation of individual codes for clients who wish to receive advice and tips on personal injury, which cannot be read by the public.

Malka began her job at the Goldraich law firm and notary as a clerk and later began to work on claims against insurance companies in Israel. Ms. Baruch also works in the field of tort cases, and manages the lawsuits against Israeli insurance companies. Ms. Baruch began with small cases, and has moved on to larger files. Ms. Baruch has taken many courses in law, particularly tort law. Most of the seminars and courses Malka Baruch passed were with the Bar Association in Israel. Malka also attended a notary course provided by the Israeli Bar Association.

As part of her job as a law firm and notary office manager, Malka is responsible for navigating files between attorneys at the Goldraich law firm and notary. Malka is responsible for keeping in contact with the various courts, including various lawsuits that have been filed in personal injury in Israel. Our firm serves personal injury claims including claims for damages in the Magistrate Court in Kiryat Shmona, tort and damages claims  in Haifa Magistrate's Court, tort claims in Krayot's Magistrate Court, claims for damages in Nazareth's Magistrate Court, tort claims in the Nazareth District Court, tort claims in Tel Aviv's Magistrate Court, claims against the National Insurance Labor Court in Haifa, claims against the National Insurance Labor Court in Nazareth, claims against the National Insurance Labor Court in Tel Aviv, claims against the National Insurance Institute in the District Labor Court in Be'er Sheva, and claims against the National Insurance National Labor Court in Jerusalem.

In her position, Malka Baruch is in constant contact with all the courts and tribunals in Israel that Goldraich attorneys deal with on a regular basis. Malka updates the status of files, messages from courts, motions in tort cases, and more.

Malka Baruch's role is as head of the customer service team. Malka speaks with clients regarding the personal injury cases that we handle at Goldraich. Ms. Baruch cares about the clients, and helps them to produce documents regarding different aspects that will help advance the case. Malka also informs and reminds you before each legal event where the client should be present, including appearing before medical boards, court medical tests to provide a medical opinion on disability, court hearings, and others.

Attorney Yael Kafri


Attorney Yael Kafri is a lawyer specializing in the field of tort law, including personal injury, injuries from car accidents, work accidents, and more at Goldraich law firm in Israel. Attorney Yael Kafri has a law degree and a master's degree in education (learning disabilities).

Attorney Kafri has taken courses and workshops in the field of personal injury as part of the Bar Association.

Attorney Yael Kafri engaged for many years in handling cases of damages, and she has gained knowledge and experience from handling cases of personal injury victims from all regions of Israel, including the north, center, south, Sharon, coastal plain, Negev, Arava, and Galilee. 

Omer Salzberg


Omer Salzberg is an administrative staff member working at the office of Gil Goldraich in Israel. It should be noted that Omer Salzberg also deals with the handling of many professional tort lawsuits. Omer has extensive knowledge and experience in handling damages cases in Israel. Omer is also very knowledgeable about claims against the NII including veterans with mobility disabilities, veterans of general disabilities, work disabilities, allowance benefit claims, sports injuries, and more.